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Sophie Becquet portrait.jpg

Sophie is a French-American photographer living and working in Montreal, Canada.

She obtained a Technical DEC in Professional Photography from Dawson College and is now working towards a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University, majoring in Art History and Anthropology.


Portrait series focusing on scoliosis, a condition that causes 4 out of every 100 people to

have an abnormal spinal curvature. I aim to explore and expose the many facets of scoliosis, from the physical manifestations of the condition to the less visible, but equally important, emotional and psychological effects that it can have on those who live with it.

Urban landscape series exploring the juxtaposition of old and new architecture in Montreal, photographed with a 4x5 camera. This is a project that grew out of a curiosity regarding the ways in which Montreal neighbourhoods are layered, and can serve as an observational survey of the connections between Montreal’s ever-changing demographics and the city’s architecture.


Dawson College Professional Photography graduating group vernissage and week-long exhibition at Conrod's in Dawson College showcasing work from both my fifth and sixth-semester portfolios ("Montréal Timezones" and "Scoliosis").

Dawson College Professional Photography group vernissage and week-long exhibition at the Warren G. Flowers Art Gallery showcasing an image from my fifth-semester portfolio ("Montréal Timezones").


My "Plaza de las Tres Cultural" photograph published as the cover image of CORA's first edition.

Two of my images and an interview about my experience as a photographer published in Docu Magazine's Vol. 16 Ebook.

Photographs of Canadian Paralympic Swimmer, Dee Kisser, for an article on Live Original's website. Photos also used by Kisser in promotion for Dwarfism Awareness Month on the athlete's social media platforms and for personal branding.

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